5 July 2017

SBP invites you to write an article of around 800-1500 words in English as to why you think liberty matters. You're free to choose issues including economic freedom, free speech, religious freedom or fundamental rights. Feel free to also talk about any of your ideals for society. 

Please elaborate in your article ways by which you think the Indian state is currently ignoring or crushing these liberties. Elaborate why Indians must oppose this and what YOU think Indians should do to fight this oppression.

You can submit multiple articles. There is no deadline. This is an ongoing contest. A few chosen articles (dependent on the quality of submissions received) will be published on our Party's website to raise public awareness. We will also publicise the published articles through social media. 

We are looking for you to take the lead. 

Come and join us as we fight for our liberties!

In due course we will also run the contest in various Indian languages, but at the moment the contest is limited to the English langauge.

Please send your articles to info@swarnabharat.in.


Why liberalism works and socialism doesn't. Always. - A Liberty Matters contest essay - by Abhinav Tyagi

Why is India still a poor country. - A Liberty Matters contest essay - by Sagar Nilay