Message from Swarna Bharat Party to all Indians, on s.66A of IT Act being struck down

Swarna Bharat Party is proud of Shreya Singhal's unrelenting efforts to get rid of the draconian s.66A of the IT Act.
SBP is the ONLY party that has consistently spoken against this draconian law.
But this is not the end of the journey for freedom of speech in India. It is only the beginning.
We remain committed to:
1) introducing a Constitutional amendment that assures Indians the free speech rights that the citizens of the USA enjoy;
2) abolishing draconian laws like s.153A and s.295A of the IPC;
3) amending s.124A of the IPC to check the misuse of sedition by state authorities against political malcontents or opponents;
4) abolishing the Censor Board; and
5) reviewing laws regarding national symbols and the flag to bring them in consonance with freedom of speech.
To make India a genuinely free country, express your interest in joining Swarna Bharat Party.
We invite the best talent of India to join us.

Fund raising appeal: Rs. 3 lakhs to set up systems and office for Swarna Bharat Party. Please commit funds.

Date of fund-raising appeal: 9 December 2014

Swarna Bharat Party is happy to announce that:

1. After being after registered in June 2014, it was decided after a 5-day workshop in July 2014 to activate the party. 

2. We obained the PAN number (AALAS5994H) in November 2014.

3. Bank account is expected to be opened in the third week of December 2014 after a key office bearer returns to Delhi from Bihar.

We are proposing to launch the party's presence in electoral politics in the forthcoming Delhi elections. The key objective of this initiative is to introduce the SKC agenda to India, and to get good people to start looking at India's national liberal party.

To activate the party we have hired a professional website desigher to prepare a fully revamped professional website. We are also doing background work to establish an accounting and membership system. Thereafter we will set up an office in Delhi – including a person employed to manage day to day affairs.

These costs are tightly managed, and members are contributing in kind (and of course, time) to the extent they can. However, we also need to raise funds to meet these costs, including the costs of initial marketing of the party.

We have estimated that a minimum of Rs.3 lakhs is needed at this stage, to set us up for the next three months. Thereafter, we'll review and issue any further fundraising appeal.

At this stage we are only seeking commitments. SBP will call on the committed funds after its bank account is opened. We expect to call upon the committed funds by the third week of December.

Please do not commit to donate if you are not an Indian citizen. NRIs can donate but not OCIs/ PIOs. The amount donated to SBP is allowed as deduction under Section 80GGC of the Income-Tax Act. Please note that we are committed to publishing names of donors (and city but NOT the detailed address, phone number or email ID). 

Any funds raised above Rs. 3 lakhs will be retained by the party for future work. 

PLEASE CLICK THIS to complete a short form to make your commitment. Or visit


Contributors list:

The current list of fund commitments is available here

Revised brochure for Swarna Bharat Party: 28 September 2014

A slightly revised party brochure has been published today. Please provide your thoughts.




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Swarna Bharat Party

A party committed to your liberty – and prosperity

India’s governance is in shambles but most existing parties have let us down. India’s governance failure is systematic but our major parties are part of the problem by refusing to implement reforms, pandering to caste and religion and to the lowest common denominator. Claiming socialist goals of helping the poor, they subsidise the rich and are hands-in-glove with corrupt businesses. Crony capitalism is rife. And our politicians are actively blocking the voice of the people through numerous anti-free speech laws. No one in the elected assemblies of India speaks for our freedoms.

In this doldrums of under-performance, China is fast rushing ahead of us in many fields and poses a strategic threat. We urgently need to get our act together to become a major power committed to human rights and liberty. We will soon have the world’s largest population. We need to quickly become the world’s greatest nation in every way, before totalitarian and medieval ideas now on the ascendant pull us down into the level of many of our Middle Eastern and Asian neighbours.

Swarna Bharat Party

Swarna Bharat Party was created on 1 June 2013 (and registered by the Election Commission on 19 June 2014 ) by a group of classical liberals led by the Freedom Team of India (FTI) to fill a deeply felt void in Indian’s political offerings. We came to the regrettable realisation that virtually none of the current existing political parties in India are capable of providing corruption-free governance that will ensure freedom, equality of opportunity, rule of law, and justice to every citizen of the country. This realisation was the outcome of over a decade of searching for solutions to India’s disappointing performance and quality of life.

We believe SBP has an excellent constitution but are open to total restructuring of the constitution should we receive better ideas.

As far as policies are concerned, we are keenly aware that without addressing the basis flaws of our electoral and bureaucratic system, no genuine change can occur. We fully support the Sone Ki Chidiya (SKC) total reform agenda, being created under the aegis of Sone Ki Chidiya Federation, which is managed by FTI. We believe the SKC agenda has assembled world-best policies, and we are committed to working with the Federation to improve the agenda. We will work with the people of India to demand reforms that are both desirable and feasible. We are aware that reforms need to be suitably transitioned so there is minimal disruption to society.

It is time to bring sanity into Indian politics.

SBP rises well above religion, regionalism and caste. We are a nationalist classical liberal party: committed to India and liberty. Our aim is to bring Rabindranath Tagore’s dream of Heaven of Freedom, Gokhale’s and Tilak’s dream of Swaraj, Sardar Patel’s dream of a strong and powerful India, Gandhi’s dream of non-violence (of the strong: for the weak have no other option) and Rajaji’s and Minoo Masani’s dream of liberal government – to India. In doing so we appeal to India’s long held traditions of scientific temper, open debate, free speech, and tolerance.

We are determined to make India once again a Sone Ki Chidiya. We are committed to fight for your liberty and to ensure every Indian gets a real chance to make his or her dream a reality.

Activating the party from August 2014

Despite registering the party, we were not keen to activate it, should any other alternative be found. There was great hope in July 2014 that all liberal parties will agree to a process to merge. But that hasn’t happened – yet.

But given absence (at the moment) of any common liberal platform which those who are committed to liberty can join, it has been decided in late July 2014 to activate SBP. We remain acutely aware of the need for all liberals to come together. Unless India’s various small liberal parties merge and jointly undertake national-level actions, they cannot impel real change. It remains our hope that in the near future SBP and other liberal parties will come together on a common platform with a common agenda. We hope that the Sone Ki Chidiya reform movement will create an agenda acceptable to all classical liberals of India.

Once all liberal parties agree to a common agenda and principles of democratic functioning, total transparency, and ideological clarity, we can work out ways to merge under one umbrella.

National Executive

SBP’s initial national executive committee has evolved from the 5-day meeting in late July 2014 and has started functioning as an initial body for the party. There are around 20 people on the national executive. The plan for SBP is the following:

1. We are getting our PAN number and opening our bank account.

2. We are preparing a new website.

3. We are trying to build a membership system.

4. We are trying to build an accounting system, with accounts being as public and transparent as possible.

Only after the membership system is established can we give formal membership to members. Further, only after the basic systems are established can we start various state and local branches.

In the meanwhile the Delhi branch has been started with the process for building up the party country-wide being conceptualised. Liberals from Delhi are invited to come on board.

Join Swarna Bharat Party

Although Swarna Bharat Party is very small at present, it represents the GREATEST IDEA IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF INDIA: our liberty and prosperity. Please lend your support to build India’s most modern and ambitious political party. You can indicate your expression of interest by visiting Someone will get in touch with you.

Swatantra Bharat Party being activated

SBP is the custodian of the classical liberal and conservative traditions of political philosophy in India. After a 5-day workshop in Delhi in July 2014, it was decided to activate SBP. Accordingly a national executive committee has been formed and steps are being progressed to activate the party's bank account.

Swarna Bharat Party is now a registered party (19 June 2014)

Swarana Bharat Party has been registered by Election Commission of India vide letter number 56/102/2013/PPS-1 dated 19 June 2014. Its registration number is 56/102/2013/PPS-1.

Please express your interest in contesting the 2014 Lok Sabha elections under a Swarna Bharat Party ticket

Swarna Bharat Party (currently being registered) is India's only party totally dedicated to security, justice and prosperity.

It is also committed to extremely high standards of personal integrity among its members and leaders.

India deserves better governance and that can't come from India's mainstream parties which are both corrupt and (in many cases) criminal. And the new parties which have recently arisen tend to be either socialist or not fully committed to broadening their base.

SBP, upon registration, intends to contest elections in 2014 and offer India GOOD LEADERS and GOOD GOVERNANCE.

It will do so either independently or as part of a coalition (yet to be agreed).

SBP remains committed to broadening the leadership of SBP. It is intended as an aggregator party with openness to give key positions to new, deserving leaders. If you have an existing party and wish to merge with SBP, you are likely to be welcomed with a good position and role.

Please express your interest in representing the Swarna Bharat Party as a candidate in the 2014 elections.

Click here to express your interest.

Let's offer TRUE REFORMS and GOOD GOVERNANCE to India.

Request to contribute funds for SBP to issue necessary advertisements for registration

Date of issue of appeal: 14 September 2013

Amount sought: Rs. 70,000

Nature of appeal: Urgent

Please click here to confirm your contributions.

Funds received to date.


As you are aware, SBP has put in place processes for registration as a political party. As part of this we received this request from the Election Commission of India. It says:

Dated 5th July 2013


I am directed to refer to your application for registration of "Swarna Bharat Party" as political party under section 29(A) of the Representation of the People Act, 1951. It may be noted that unless all requisite particulars/documents have been furnished by you, including the information against checklist to be submitted in the application in accordance with the Commission's guidelines for registration of political parties, your application for registration will not be taken up for consideration. The guidelines for registration of political parties are available at the website and the same can be downloaded.

2. Now, you are required to publish a public notice about your association (in the proposed name) having applied for registration as a political party with the above approved name, in two national newspapers and two local news papers of the State where the headquarters of the Party is located, seeking to inform the general public that anyone having any objection to the proposed name may send their objection within one month (30 days) in a plain paper letter, addressed to the Secretary (Political Party), Election Commission of India, Nirvachan Sadan, Ashoka Road, New Delhi-1 10001. The formal for the public notice to be published in newspapers is enclosed. The publication in the two local newspapers should be one in English (in English Newspaper) and the other in vernacular language and in case of national newspapers, one in Hindi (in Hindi Newspaper) and one in English (in English Newspaper), in prescribed format. The abovesaid public notice should be published on two consecutive days. This should be done immediately and cuttings from the newspapers publishing the notice (Total of 8 Newspaper cuttings) should be furnished to the Commission as early as possible and in any case within 30 days.

3.    You are also advised to refurnish checklist item No. 8 (as per specimen enclosed in affidavit form on stamp paper), 12.26.27 and 28 & 32 (In affidavit form on stamp paper)..

4.    The matter of registration of your party will he considered only after the receipt of the above mentioned particulars.

Yours faithfully,

Since SBP members were busy with Uttarakhand relief work, we sought a two month extension from ECI for this.

Over the past two weeks SBP members have been working hard on getting this delivered. The cost estimate for the advertisements is about Rs.65,000 (including miscelleneous travel, etc. for the key members)

In The Hindu rate will be

12×7=84×100.00=8400.00x2days= 16800.00(The Hindu)
12×7=84×150.00=12600.00x2days=25200.00(Rashtriya Sahara)
12×7=84×70.00=5880.00×2 days=11760.00(Rashtrawadi Times, Eng)
12×7=84×50.00=4200.00x2days=8400.00(Rashtrawadi Times, Hindi)

So this appeal is for Rs.70,000 – just for the purpose of getting the advertisements organised, and revised document/s lodged with ECI.

Bank account

We have tried very hard to open a bank account but ALL banks have refused to do so till the party is registered with the Election Commission of India. We have issued a request for PAN and as soon as the party is registered we'll open the bank account. In the meanwhile, Retd. Wing Commander KK Verma has kindly agreed to accept contributions into his bank account from which the advertisements can be paid for. 

KK Verma's account details

Name – Kamendra Kishore Verma

ICICI Account No – 000701200200


New Delhi branch, Connaught Place.

Please contribute generously, so SBP can get registered. This is India's first classical liberal party – much needed in India. The sooner it becomes active the better for India.

Please click here to confirm your contributions.

Please note that names of ALL donors will be published in due course.

Swarna Bharat Party’s commitment to make India the world’s most prosperous nation

China is rushing ahead of India. It is also determined to be a major sea power. What will India do when China controls the Indian Ocean? It is a bad idea to be a weak nation. India should aim to be a major economic power for the good of the world. With the world's largest population in a few year's time, India should aim to be the world's foremost nation in every way.

Unfortunately no existing party in India (particularly the major parties today) will let India become prosperous and powerful.

Swarna Bharat party – that rises well above religion, regionalism or caste – is going to bring sanity to Indian politics, and prosperity to India. Its goal is to take forward the vision of the Sone Ki Chidiya movement – with world-best governance models and frameworks.

Join Swarna Bharat Party to make this dream a reality.

The party is accepting members.

Lifetime membership is the only category available, and costs Rs.100 till 1 January 2015 (unless you cannot afford membership in which case a special rate of Rs.11 has been allowed).

To indicate interest in joining SBP, please fill this short form. Someone will get in touch with you.

India's glorious past