Our manifesto provides policy solutions to all problems faced by India and will address all of India's governance issues. Almost all these reforms can be implemented within five years- one prime ministerial term - if the party receives the mandate of a majority of seats in the Lok Sabha. The complete solution will require a majority also in the Rajya Sabha and a mandate in at least two third of the States.

SBP manifesto in English:

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Topic-wise policies in HTML


घोषणा पत्र: स्वर्ण भारत पार्टी:

The Hindi translation of the manifesto is work in progress and will be continually improved



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How this manifesto was developed

In 2014, Swarna Bharat Party adopted the total reform agenda which was prepared by the Sone Ki Chidiya Federation after months of public consultation. Key inputs to this total reform agenda have included:

SBP's manifesto is based on inputs from hundreds, if not thousands of Indians.

SBP remains committed to further improving this manifesto through community consultation. Please send your suggestions for improvement of the manifesto to info@swarnabharat.in. 

Customisation for State elections

The principles in the party's general manifesto apply both to Parliamentary and Assembly elections. However, SBP will customise the manifesto for specific elections in due course.