SBP's position regarding the coronavirus pandemic

Times of India blog posts by Sanjeev Sabhlok

Age-based risk management of coronavirus - 6 March 2020

Lockdowns won’t defeat the virus but will definitely destroy us all – 24 March 2020

We must not flatten India order to flatten the curve – 26 March 2020

Risk-based analysis, not models, will defeat coronavirus - 3 April 2020

An outline cost-benefit test of COVID-19 lockdowns - 5 April 2020

India has only one choice: Anders Tegnell’s (Swedish) approach - 11 April 2020

Common questions about the Swedish model – Part 1 -25 April 2020

Common questions about the Swedish model – Part 2 - 25 April 2020

A critique of Neil Ferguson’s (the Imperial College) pandemic model - 29 April 2020

Testing and contact tracing can’t eradicate SARS-CoV-2 – Part 1 - 3 May 2020

Testing and contact tracing can’t eradicate SARS-CoV-2 – Part 2 - 3 May 2020

Serological studies confirm that Covid-19 is ten times deadlier than flu - 17 May 2020

The effect of innate immunity, cross-reactivity, trained immunity and vitamin D on Covid-19 - 24 May 2020

Why less than 25% of the world’s population is likely to get Covid-19 - 30 May 2020

Explaining India’s extraordinarily low death rate from Covid-19 - 27 July 2020

Pandemic, climate change: Why is the sky always falling on our head? - 6 August 2020

Settling the conflict between public health and liberty once and for all - 30 August 2020

Given new data we must downgrade the severity of this pandemic - 20 November 2020

Estimating the true magnitude of the pandemic and lockdown deaths – Part 1 | Part 2 20 December 2020

Xi Jinping’s use of hysteria as warfare – Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3  3 January 2021

The covid vaccine is good but the people must decide – Part 1 | Part 2 18 January 2021

Yes, 850 died of covid recently in a day, but 27,000 die every day in India - 11 April 2021

Lockdown origins and harms – Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 - 21 April 2021




Sanjeev Sabhlok has organised an audit of pandemic models. See initial email.

Economic consequences of lockdowns – including their regressive impacts

List of economists against total lockdowns

The prospect of inflationary expectations as lockdowns continue

Notes on a CBA


List of scientists in favour of staggered/ managed herd immunity

Dr. Jayaprakash Muliyil, former Principal, Christian Medical College, Vellore - see Business Standard report of 6 April 2020: We cannot run away to moon, need to develop herd immunity: Epidemiologist

Six million dollars for each life saved is too high - Financial Review 6 April 2020

Now the lucky country must decide: what is our least-worst option on COVID-19? - Tony Blakely on 3 April 2020

Surviving COVID-19: how much is a human life 'worth'? - Podcast 2 April 2020

Nobel laureate Vernon Smith on 3 April 2020 (Tweet by Sanjeev).


Basics: What is herd immunity (video linked to tweet). 



A short video below:

Rahul Pandit, SBP's State Coordinator for Telangana

Sanjay Garg, SBP's Vice President and State Coordinator for Rajasthan

NOTE: SBP doesn't agree with some of the harshness displayed in the following video, but many good points are made by Knut Wittkowski

SBP's strategic position regarding remedies, in a nutshell

We therefore reject indefinite lockdowns in anticipation of a vaccine (e.g. by Australia - see tweet)