The party's President and Vice President are our key office bearers and leaders.  

Pankaj Das (Guwahati), President, Swarna Bharat Party, From 1 March 2020 - current

+91 97060 49270, Email id: 

Pankaj Das has spent almost all his working life in schools - as teacher, Vice Principal, Principal, and now Director, Modern English School, Kahilipara, Guwahati. He is also currently the President, All Assam Private Schools Association and the Assam representative of National Independent Schools Association. Before joining the Modern English School he had worked in an NGO for three years. During that period he realised that India needs to change its policies. He came across SBP's work through an article in Times of India and has decided that Swarna Bharat Party offers India the kind of policies he wants.



Sanjay Garg (Jaipur),Vice President, Swarna Bharat Party, From 1 January 2020 - current

+91 9829157043

Sanjay Garg is a former mechanical engineer who came to value liberty through his own thinking and experience. He came across Swarna Bharat Party and decided to join it, given its determination to fight for Indians liberty. He decided in mid-2016 to devote his entire time and energy to the development of the party in Rajasthan. Sanjay Garg runs the Centre for Policy Solutions and is active in RTI related matters.



Secretary of the Party: Abdul Aziz Choudhury, Guwahati

The media is invited to contact the office bearers by writing to




Sanjeev Sabhlok (Melbourne), Adviser and mentor,, From 1 June 2013 - Current

Sanjeev worked in the IAS from 1982 to January 2001, when he resigned to focus on providing India with a liberal political alternative. He is author of Breaking Free of Nehru (Anthem Press, 2008) and Discovery of Freedom (manuscript) and a  columnist in the Times of India, with a blog called Seeing the Invisible. He also writes for other newspapers and magazines. His book on economics for children is entitled, Seeing the Invisible. He has worked as an economist in Australia. He floated the Freedom Team of India (FTI) in December 2007. Swarna Bharat Party is an offshoot of the Freedom Team. 



Founder Treasurer: Sureshan Payyaratta, New Delhi



Founder President

Dipinder Sekhon - from 1 June 2013 to 29 February 2020

Previous Working Presidents

Rahul Pandit (currently State Coordinator for Telangana) From July 2017 to 29 February 2020.

Sanjay Sonawani (currently State Coordinator for Maharashtra) From July 2016 to June 2017  


Founder Vice-President

PK Sabhlok - from 1 June 2013 to 31 December 2019

Previous Working Vice Presidents

Alok Singh (left the party in April 2017 due to ill-health)


Bhoopendra Singh Kanaujia - from 2016 to 31 December 2019

Founder Secretary

K K Verma, from 1 June 2014 to 2016.