The party&s National office bearers are listed below. 

Rahul Pandit (Hyderabad), President, +91 9703425422, 
Rahul comes from an international business development background and currently serves as a corporate leader. It is his dream to see India as a developed nation. He believes India and Indians have the potential to be a world leader. He believes SBP is the much needed liberal political platform for India that can restore its lost glory. Rahul currently volunteers significant amount of his time for developing youth in India.
Sanjeev Sabhlok (Melbourne), Overseas Coordinator,
Sanjeev worked in the IAS from 1982 to January 2001, when he resigned to focus on providing India with a liberal political alternative. He works in the Department of Treasury and Finance in the Victorian Government in Australia as an economist, providing public policy advice on a range of issues. He is author of Breaking Free of Nehru (Anthem Press, 2008) and Discovery of Freedom (manuscript). He floated the Freedom Team of India (FTI) in December 2007. Swarna Bharat Party is an offshoot of the Freedom Team.
The media is invited to contact the office bearers by writing to

Executive Secretary:

Mr Bhoopendra Singh Kanaujia (Ghaziabad) performs the executive functions as Secretary of the party.


Sureshan Payyaratta



Dipinder Sekhon

Vishal Singh

Sanjay Sonawani


PK Sabhlok

Alok Singh (left the party in April 2017 due to ill-health)


K K Verma