National Movement for Accountability - जवाबदेही 

The National Movement for Good Governance and Accountability was launched on 2 October 2016 from Raj Ghat (See reports on Facebook). Press Release here.


On 26 August 2016 the party wrote an Open Letter to Mr Modi, the Prime Minister of India. The Open Letter asked that funding for the police be doubled and increased ten times for the judiciary. SBP provided detailed reasons why such funding is necessary, including photographs of the deplorable conditions facing the police and the judiciary. 

SBP also showed the Prime Minister how these additional funds can be obtained, mainly by divesting public sector undertakings. There is no reason for a government to operate businesses and run banks. 

Mr Modi claims that he wants “Minimum Government Maximum Governance” and that “Government has no business in business”. And yet the Modi government is busy selling duty free liquor and cigarettes and has no time left to govern. Only recently ITDC has opened its 10th duty free shop.

SBP had also asked Mr Modi in its letter to implement critically needed governance reforms. These include state funding of elections on a per vote basis to allow honest people to contest elections and elimination of the guarantee of tenure for senior bureaucrats. Government servants must be held to account for results. It is also urgently necessary to strengthen India’s defence.

Mr Modi did not bother to respond to the letter. Clearly he is not interested in India’s future.

The Party is now launching a national movement on behalf of the People of India to demand these urgently needed reforms. The party will carry on this movement till all reforms are implemented. Only when all these reforms are implemented will India become a Sone Ki Chidiya: the freest, richest and most powerful nation on Earth.

Banners used at the event

Some videos and photographs from the event