​Fundraising Campaign (January-April 2021) for Assam Assembly elections and UP local elections

You might be aware that Swarna Bharat Party is India's only liberal party, fully committed to liberty and good governance. See this April 2017 article in Times of India. Our goal is to make India Number One.

As part of our commitment to spread the message of liberty to all parts of India, Swarna Bharat Party will contest around 2-3 seats in the forthcoming Assam Assembly elections in April-May 2021 and around half the seats in the panchayat elections of Bhadohi district in UP (May 2021). 

We are determined to win at least a few seats in Bhadohi district. In Assam we are determined to introduce the party's message in 2021 to as many new people as possible, to set the scene for the 2026 elections in which we would hope to start winning seats. These efforts in the first half of 2021 will strengthen the party's message at the grassroots and lay the foundation for bigger advances of liberty across India. Once we start winning a few seats or show a strong performance, the media will start picking up our message.

Funds requirement: Rs. 5 lakhs

Purpose: To spread the message of liberty and good governance during forthcoming elections

Unlike most of our opponents, we obviously do not take recourse to black money (nor have any). Instead, we believe that a good message can overcome any funds gap. This has been substantiated from our experience in Bhadohi district where we have worked tirelessly for over four years now.

Of course, even communicating the basic message costs money - such as printing brochures, pamphlets and posters, and purchasing hoardings. We also need funds to support our candidates to reach out to the people in remote interior villages. Our party operates on a shoe-string budget with much of the administrative and back-end work done by volunteers, but during elections we do need money, and the more the better. We are aiming to raise at least Rs.5 lakhs for this purpose. 


We invite you to support SBP in whatever way you can. You can join us in our grassroots campaigns. You can contest elections. And (or) you can contribute funds (no matter how small) to support this work. Every rupee adds up.  

To donate, please click HERE. Donations are eligible for income tax exemption since we are a registered political party. 

We are determined to continue to fight the forces of socialism and religious division and bring liberty to the people of India.




Contested 10 seats. Two wins, three 2nd positions (runner-up), one 4th position, four losses.

1) Kshetra Panchayat:
- Rajnish Dubey won
- Prakhar Dubey won

- Rohit Pander was defeated by only 28 votes

2) Zila Panchayat
- Asha Devi Kol Mirzapur got 7200 votes as the runner-up. Samajwadi party won with 9,200 votes
- Virendra Pushpkaar secured fourth position with 2731 votes
- Rohit Gautam got 1362 votes
- Buddhiram Bind got 1131 votes
- Shiv Narayan Prajapati got 860 votes

3) Gram Pradhan
- Radhey Shyam Maurya got 386 votes as a runner-up,was defeated by only 36 votes
- Mahesh Maurya, SBP's District President for Bhadohi got 170 votes

Pankaj Das, SBP's National President contested the Gauhati West seat and polled 582 votes.