These drafts are for internal party use. 


Hardcopy membership form is being printed and will be suitably distributed. The booklets are to be distributed centrally. All booklets and forms are pre-numbered. Forms are only in Hindi and regional languages.

1) Remove the form by tearing off at the perforation, and distribute to the new member. New member will fill it out and bring it to you. Check that the form is correctly completed and sign it. 

2) Fill out the matching receipt, collect the membership fee, and issue the formal membership receipt.

3) Fill out the counterfoil with all relevant details. Retain both the application form and booklet in your custody till audit is complete and instructions issued to destroy the data (it is desirable to scan the application forms for future reference, before destroying).

4) Get the data entered IN ENGLISH in the following spreadsheet (download it here). You can either enter it yourself or take the help of a data center.

5) Deposit the membership fee that was collected into the party's bank account and send details of the amount deposited, date, and spreadsheet containing the data of the members to You could put in a few rupees extra (e.g. Rs.304 instead of Rs.300, so the amount can be easily verified when the deposit is received: often there is no detailed information in the bank statement, making reconciliation difficult.) 

6) Admin will ensure that data is imported into the online database and membership is activated after payment has been confirmed.