​​​The party's State office bearers are listed below, in no particular order.

Maharashtra State Unit

Mrunal Dhole Patil , (Pune),  State President, +91 7350073621
Mr Patil has a Master's degree in political science. He is a businessman and social activist.

Rajasthan State Unit

Sanjay Garg (Jaipur), State Coordinator, +91 9829157043

Sanjay Garg is a former mechanical engineer who came to value liberty through his own thinking and experience. He came across Swarna Bharat Party and decided to join it, given its determination to fight for Indians liberty. He decided in mid-2016 to devote his entire time and energy to the development of the party in Rajasthan Sanjay Garg runs the Centre for Policy Solutions and is active in RTI related matters.  

Karnataka State Unit

Asif Iqbal (Bengaluru), State Coordinator, Mobile: +91 8553010064 Email: ietoblr@gmail.com 
Asif Iqbal is the President of the Indian Economic Trade Organisation (IETO), an enterprise that serves in 39 countries of the world. Asif is an architect by profession and held several management positions with Martins group in France, UNDP. He has been a director of both listed and private companies as well as member of a number of industry, academic and non-profit boards. Asif believes that liberalsm creates a framework to look for solutions to scale down the role of the government and to direct it more narrowly and intensely. In socialism, the state tries to do too much and therefore does it badly. Asif want the people to have real freedom. 

Telangana State Unit

Rahul Pandit (Hyderabad), State President, +91 9703425422, rahulpanhyd@gmail.com 
Rahul comes from an international business development background and currently serves as a corporate leader. It is his dream to see India as a developed nation. He believes India and Indians have the potential to be a world leader. He believes SBP is the much needed liberal political platform for India that can restore its lost glory. Rahul currently volunteers significant amount of his time for developing youth in India.

Jharkhand State Unit

Atul Agarwal, (Ranchi), State Coordinator, +91 9909918705, pap1995@gmail.com
Atul Agarwal holds a B.Tech in Construction and a M. Tech in Urban and regional planning. He has extensive experience in the building industry.
It may be noted that at this stage the party&s internal electoral system has not been operationalised, but as the party grows, it is expected that all operational office bearers (i.e. excluding executive office bearers) would be appointed through internal elections.