National Press Release – to be released across India [Word version]
3 November 2016 – for immediate release

Mr Sanjay Sonawani said that Swarna Bharat Party had explained to Mr Modi on 26 August 2016 about how he can eliminate the causes of corruption. Under the design of India’s governance system, only the Prime Minister has the power to initiate the reforms to eliminate the causes of corruption.

However, Mr Modi has chosen to do nothing. He is continuing to follow the same system that UPA followed and that all other PMs have followed since independence. This system is unfortunately designed for corruption. As a result, corruption continues to flourish at all levels. 

SBP is made aware every day about the rampant corruption that is breaking the back of the people. The poor are being forced to pay bribes to get ration cards. Public sector banks are looting the taxpayer through bogus loans backed by corrupt politicians. And all government programs (e.g. NREGA, “Skill India” etc.) are known only for one thing: total corruption. 

Mr Sonawani said that Mr Modi must implement two key reforms most urgently. 

First, we all know that candidates in elections spend crores of rupees of black money, both to bid for a party ticket (tickets are auctioned by the major parties at prices of Rs.4 crores or more) and for campaigning. Why then, would any elected politician not be corrupt? Those who get elected seek to recover their costs, with compound interest. We have a democracy only in name. Honest and competent people are blocked by the system. We therefore only get corrupt people as our Ministers.

The solution is to minimise candidates’ losses during elections. SBP has a proven solution for this. All candidates must be reimbursed an amount, say, Rs.20 per valid vote cast. This will allow honest candidates a chance to contest elections since they will be able to recover at least some of their costs.

Second, India’s bureaucracy was created for colonial masters. It is designed not to be accountable to the people of India and has become a major cause of corruption. SBP has a solution for this. Senior officials should be appointed on hire-and-fire contracts that ensure total alignment with performance. Such contracts should dispense with any unnecessary red tape that dilutes accountability. Officials must lose their jobs (not just be transferred) for non-performance. All India Services, which have choked the life of the country at every level, must go.

There is much more, and details are provided in SBP’s manifesto. Mr Sonawani asked the people to put pressure on Mr Modi to implement these reforms, else corruption levels of India will get even worse by 2019. The question is: do the people want good governance or are they happy with India being one of the world’s most corrupt countries?

Notes for Editors
SBP is India’s only liberal party, committed to defending liberty and promoting prosperity. 

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