SBP is delighted to announce that a portal for payments through credit card and internet banking has now been operationalised on SBP’s website.

A number of persons were waiting for this day, to make contributions/ become members. Here’s your opportunity to join and/or contribute to make India a truly great country. 

Step 1: Please review SBP's donations policy here:

Step 2: For all credit card and internet banking payments, please go here: (THIS IS THE LINK TO THE PAYMENT GATEWAY)

(For ICICI bank, you’ll need to make payment directly using NEFT. Please visit: )

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask – write to

Note that all donations received to date are listed here: Details of donors will be provided to the Election Commission in Form 24A of the Representation of People Act 1950. 

With this, SBP has now finished creating a comprehensive platform to bring liberty to India. All that is now needed is leadership and the demand from THE PEOPLE OF INDIA for urgently needed governance and policy reforms.


  • On 14, Apr, 2016
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