SBP supports Shetkari Sanghatana's opposition to proposed restrictions on the use of glyphosate

Date 15 July 2020. We are republishing the press release issued by Shetkari Sanghatana today, below.

Farmers in Haryana join the Kisan Satyagraha to demand access to GM crops

Replication of Bhartiya Kisan Union and the Shetkari Sanghatana press release.

Re-issuing yesterday's Press release by Shetkari Sanghatana

Kisan Satyagraha: A desperate plea by farmers for the freedom to reap the benefits of modern science and technology

1500 Farmers Sow HTBt Cotton and Bt Brinjal, Assert Their Right To GM Seeds

Swarna Bharat Party supports the following press release issued by Shetkari Sanghatna after illegal planting of GM seeds.